Underground Utility Detection & Mapping Services

Imagine how useful it would be to know exactly what lies beneath your feet before starting excavations, to know for sure where expensive fibre-optics cut across your site or how deep utility pipes lie.

The savings in both time and money that can be made by using utility mapping cannot be over-estimated with many government departments, local authorities and major contractors having a mandatory policy of carrying out a utility survey before they hit site.

Why use Utility Mapping?

Frequently called ‘Buried Service Detection’ or utility surveys, utility mapping usually provides you with an AutoCAD drawing of the surveyed area clearly showing all manner of obstacles (utilities, voids, foundations etc), their depth, position and type. All this can be done without disturbing the ground and with minimal disruption to the public or other site workers. Crucially, the utility mapping ground radar survey may well show elements that were not shown on any plans – simply showing their presence will allow you to plan your works accordingly, saving time, money and improving safety in the process.

Utility mapping surveys are frequently carried out using cable locator equipment like the Radiodetection RD8000. Drainage runs can be traced using a sonde transmitter on a reel which is fed from the surface and along the pipe runs. The transmitted signal is then traced from above ground using the cable locator. All of our utility mapping surveyors are certified in their use so you can rest assured that you will receive a first rate, professional service.

While cover, invert levels and pipe sizes can be provided when carrying out a utility mapping survey, we are also able to trace other below-ground services (e.g. cables, metal pipes etc) and provide relevant depth information. Where certain obstacles cannot be detected, our engineers carry out a more sophisticated Ground Penetrating Radar survey (GPR).

We offer a number of utilities mapping services, the first stage of which involves procuring the buried services plans from the local asset holders and combining them onto one CAD drawing for your convenience. The second stage involves carrying out a comprehensive utility mapping survey (or underground utilities survey) on your site using electromagnetic RD8000 and Ground Penetrating Radar systems before marking our findings onto the ground using bio-degradable survey paint. The third stage is to use total station to accurately plot and scale our findings onto the finished topographic survey.

Key benefits of Utility Mapping?

  • Reduced levels of cost, delay and risk
  • Improved levels of safety
  • Unnecessary excavation kept to a minimum
  • Disruption to road/other site users severely reduced
  • Highly accurate data provided

For more information on our Utility Mapping Services, please contact us at 012-247 4334 or our office on 03-8927 3249 or e-mail at map@arz.com.my